Thursday, January 2, 2020

Pleasantly Surprised - Unicorn in Training

Well I have had Ms. Kitty for three days.  She honestly has amazed me in the fact she learns so fast.  This scares me a little too, I fear she may progress faster than I can remember what to do.  I know all the basics.  I can get her to a point where she will be ready to start, at least I think I can.  I have before, however before was many years ago.  The only thing I have going for me now is back then I did most of it out of instinct.  Meaning I wasn't as knowledgeable, just lucky.  Now I know I know a lot more, have tons more experience, but is that a good thing? 

Feel is something that can't be explained exactly.  It is like explaining to someone what it feels like to to be an empath.  Unless you are one you will never understand.  The world is full of feelings, good, bad, indifferent.  Some of us feel too much so we learn to block out or hide out.  It isn't that we don't like people we just don't always like what they share with us.  It is the same thing with horses.  They are empaths in many ways.  They feel what we feel.  They understand our moods and our intentions. 

I have to make sure I stay in the moment when I am working with Ms. Kitty.  She has some attitude, but not as much as a few days ago.  I have said from day one she is smarter than most people.  She is young so I have to remember that too.   I only have a few days of vacation left.  The days are short so after this I won't get much training in during the week.  Which is fine, I won't send her out until maybe May or June, even later if she does have a growth spurt here soon.  No reason to start her too soon.  She has a whole life in front of her.  I will just keep the ground work going and get as far as I can in that aspect.  I will need to find a trainer I trust.  That in itself will be a major task.  I don't take starting a colt lightly.  That first 60 days can make or break the next five years.  Done correctly it will be a solid foundation for a partnership for life.  Or it can be the beginning of many hours of  trying to fill in the holes.   I have seen horses with great potential ruined by a bad trainer.  I had a horse that was basically ruined by a bad trainer.  My husband sent him out to get some hours on him, he came back a hot mess that took countless hours just to start to build the trust again.  Not this time, this little girl has too much potential.  I am already getting attached, go figure.  The difference is in 20's I could accept poor communication with my horse than I can in my 50's.  I no longer "bounce", I don't break quite yet, but I dent real well. 

Off to strip stalls, then get a few hours in with the horses.  Need to start cleaning my barn.  It is a mess from winter and my husband.  Love him dearly but he is a mess.  Leaves things everywhere.  I have been so busy with the holidays I have just ignored the whole thing.  Now that the holidays are over its time to spend the rest of winter getting ready for spring.  Even when I can't ride I can get the barn in order. 

Happy Trails!  Make today count, one small step in the direction of your dreams each day will get you there in the long term.  You know the saying a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step!  Step it up my friends, step it up.

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